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Whether you are a morning person or a night owl, creating the perfect morning routine will help to increase your productivity, energy, and happiness. Although it may be tempting to press the snooze button repeatedly, you should certainly opt for a killer morning routine instead. When creating a morning routine, you should start with what you have and go from there.

Create a main objective and goals to help you guide activity selections. From there, select activities for both busy mornings and slow mornings. Having a routine for both will help you be productive and proactive no matter the day. For any morning routine, consider ditching devices, but you can use certain productive and meditative apps that keep you on track for your morning routine.

While you are at it, do not forget to vamp up your nighttime routine to make mornings easier. Even after all this hard work to create the perfect morning routine, the journey is not over. You need to continue to improve upon your morning routine so that it matches your life as it changes. Any time you feel your morning routine is not working, mix it up and make it more productive.

Just as a warning, creating your morning routine and improving it is not the hard part. Instead, the hard part will be staying committed on the mornings that you do not feel like getting up. Having a killer morning routine that you do not actually use is useless. So, you must make a commitment to yourself so that you use your morning routine. Of course, there will be days that you are not capable of fulfilling your morning routine for whatever reason. On those days, be patient with yourself, move on, and get right back on the horse the next day.

No matter what, just continue to do your best and commit to your morning routine so that you can have a more productive, energetic, and happy.