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Whenever you think of mornings, what comes to your mind? Is it thoughts of stress and anxiety? Or do you enjoy mornings and take your time to get ready? If you are anything like most people, present company included, you probably do not get all that excited to think about jumping out of bed, brushing your teeth, and starting your day.

 Even for the most avid night owl, mornings do not have to be stressful, painful, or something to dread. Instead, mornings can be a great way to kickstart your day and productivity.

 One of the easiest ways to make your mornings more enjoyable is through a morning ritual or routine. A morning ritual gets you in the swing of things without rushing into the day or filling your mind with useless information.

 Instead, a morning ritual wakes you up, energizes your being, and sets the stage for the day. With a good morning ritual, you can increase your productivity, decrease stress, and improve your overall well-being. Still, it takes a little bit of work to craft the perfect morning ritual based on your lifestyle and needs.

In this course, The Ultimate Morning Routine, I am going to help you increase your productivity, energy, and happiness, all by building the perfect morning routine for your day. This book covers just about anything you would need to create the perfect morning routine

We begin by looking at the benefits of a morning ritual to show precisely how it can benefit you. From there, we jump right into crafting your morning ritual. The beginning of the morning ritual creation process will be observing your current morning habits and determining what you want out of your future mornings.

 After that, we will give you morning routine tips for busy, slow, and device[1]free mornings. Finally, we end by discussing how nighttime routines should be used in conjunction with your morning routines and how to keep improving.

Whether you want to renovate your old morning routine or are starting from scratch, The Morning Ritual can help you create the perfect morning routine to increase your productivity, energy, and happiness. Let’s get started!