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Slowly but Surely

So far, we have covered looking at your current routine, creating goals, morning routine ideas, ditching devices, and utilizing your nighttime routine. It seems that we have covered almost everything related to creating the best morning routine for increasing your productivity, energy, and happiness. There is still one more thing we need to talk about: continue improving your routine.

The Journey Is Not Over

 Once you have made what seems to be the perfect morning routine, the journey is not over. Your current morning routine will seem dated and less applicable to your life at some other point in your life. As a result, you need to keep improving your morning routine, even if your morning routine has worked for many years. Continuously upgrading your morning routine ensures that it matches your life and current goals.

As your life changes, what you need out of your morning routine will change too. That is why you must continue to upgrade your morning routine to keep it relevant to your ever-changing life. Evaluate Every Year Every year or so, you should evaluate your morning routine. If you are not good at assessing a morning routine’s effectiveness, you can go through every step in this course once a year.

This will ensure that your morning routine stays relevant and effective in your life.  

If you do not need as much help when it comes to evaluating your morning routine, you do not have to go through every step. In other words, you do not necessarily need to keep a morning journal and be as tedious when it comes to reflection. You still should evaluate every year to keep your morning routine up to date.

Make Changes as Necessary

You may need to update your morning routine more than every year. If you undergo a large change or are simply finding that your morning routine is not as helpful as you thought it would be, change it as necessary. Your morning routine is supposed to help you. At any point you notice it not working, change it. No matter what changes you make, make sure to try them out for at least a week or so.

Do not just toss away an activity if you do not like it the first day. You may just need to acclimate yourself to the change in the routine. Committing to the activity for one week will give you a better idea if whether or not the activity is effective in your morning routine. Additionally, do not make too many changes too quickly. You want your morning routine to be consistent. The only time you should change your wakeup ritual is if it is necessary. You should not be changing your morning routine on a whim every other day. That completely defeats the purpose of a morning routine.

Be Flexible

As you are going about your morning routine, remember to be flexible. Not every morning is the same, and not every morning routine will fill the same, even if activities are identical. Be flexible in your morning so that your morning routine does not overly stress you out. If you stick too rigidly to your morning rituals, it will likely be the source of your morning stress.

Recognize that there are some mornings when your morning routine will not go on as planned. That is OK. A morning routine does not need to be perfect. It just needs to be beneficial and helpful for you. As you are improving your morning routine, flexibility will be key.

Some activities may feel uncomfortable, while others feel great. You need to be able to recognize these different feelings and be OK when either of them come up. Flexibility is key to both of these responses.


Even after you have created the perfect morning routine, you will likely need to improve upon it at a later point. Hence, the journey is not over. Continue improving upon your morning routine so that it continues to get better and more applicable to your life. Only then can your morning routine truly increase your productivity, energy, and happiness.