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Time Management & Morning Routines

In addition to a busy morning routine, you should have a slow morning routine as well. Even though you are more likely to need a busy day routine than a slow one, you certainly should want to make the most of your slow mornings so that you feel more energized and rejuvenated when the busy days come.

Why You Need A Slow Morning Routine

When most people think of a slow morning, they picture sleeping in on a cozy Sunday, complete with breakfast in bed or a delicious cup of coffee. Very rarely do people think of including a routine in their slow mornings. Although you certainly do not need a morning routine for every slow day, having a go-to slow morning routine can make a difference in your week.

As humans, we need rest. If we do not take the time to pamper and rejuvenate ourselves, we will find ourselves feeling sick, weak, and unmotivated in our lives. Slow mornings are the perfect time to heighten your morning routine to address all of the needs that you cannot address during the week.

What To Keep In Mind When Creating A Slow Morning Routine

Coming up with a slow morning routine is difficult for many people. It makes sense that you may need a morning routine on busy or regular days to help you stay productive and motivated. On slow days, however, the exact needs for your morning routine may be less clear. When you create a slow morning routine, try to think about the things that you do not have as much time to focus on during your weekdays or busy mornings.

Your slow morning routine should address the issues that are more neglected during the week. This may be your relationships, physical health, or mental health. For many people, a slow morning routine that focuses on mental health and rejuvenation is best. During the weekdays, your morning routine is probably geared towards physical health and preparation for the day.

 Let your slow morning routine focus on your well-being or anything else that is left out. Something else to keep in mind during a slow morning routine is that you have all the time in the world. Instead of rushing through your morning, really recognize that you have much more time to focus on yourself and life. Utilize that time to the best of your ability. Just being indulgent with your time once a week can make a big difference.

One last thing to keep in mind is that your morning routine does not have to be solitary. Instead, slow morning routines can involve friends, family members, or pets. This is a great way to connect with your loved ones while still focusing on yourself and improving your morning.

Slow Morning Routine Ideas and Tips

Here are some slow morning routine ideas and tips for integrating within your own life: Slow morning rituals are the perfect time to use devices to focus on your health and well-being. Get on YouTube, an app, or some streaming device to watch an exercise or meditation video. This is a great way to start your slow morning on a healthy note. Plus, it will feel like a bit of a treat to use your device in the morning.

Another great busy morning idea is to incorporate your family into it. Instead of drinking coffee or eating breakfast by yourself, try to have a family breakfast time. If you live alone, schedule a brunch with friends. This does not have to be early in the morning, but it certainly is a great way to connect and truly slow your mornings down.

For slow mornings, you may want to sleep in. Although everyone needs to sleep in now and then, consider waking up at your regular time or earlier on slow mornings. To take full advantage of how much morning time you have, you need to wake up. One fun way to wake up earlier is to try to wake up with the sun and watch it rise. Since the day is slow and you do not have to be at work, it is OK if you do not look great or still feel tired. Watching the sun come up will get you excited to wake up early, and it will feel fresh.

Finally, one last tip for a great low morning routine is to indulge in some way. In much of our culture, we view indulgence as a bad thing. Indulgence is certainly negative if it negatively impacts your relationship with yourself and others, but indulgence for your well-being is only good.

There are several ways that you can indulge on slow mornings. If you like pampering yourself, indulge with a nice facial, manicure, or something else that makes you feel young, beautiful, and healthy. Just indulge yourself so that you feel primped and prepared for the rest of the week. You can also indulge by treating yourself to a delicious breakfast or snack. Most busy mornings are complete with a cup of coffee and a quick egg. Instead, create a complete breakfast on your slow morning since you have time. You can even go with something a bit more calorie-dense, like waffles or a single donut. Indulging once a week on a delicious breakfast will not hurt you.


Just as you should have a busy morning routine, you should have a slow morning routine as well. A slow morning routine will help you maximize all the extra morning time you have on weekends or off days. This morning routine can help you rejuvenate for the rest of the week, helping avoid burnout and fatigue.